Activated Carbon Granules  
  Activated carbon is an absorbent that is used in a wide variety of liquid and gas phase applications such as water filters, waste water treatment, raw water treatment, decolorization, gold recovery, air conditioning filters, catalysts, cigarettes, gas masks, solvent recover, nuclear filters, and many more.

What is the difference between granular activated carbon and anthracite?

Anthracite filter media is employed in the filtration process to remove particulate matter that has already been precipitated out of solution and sometimes chemically treated to improve its filterability. It does not function very well at the molecular level because its pores are very small, much smaller than most of the molecules that must normally be removed.

Gac (granular activated carbon) is made from agglomerations of pac (powdered activated carbon) particles. Pac is produced by driving out volatiles and burning away carbon in order to increase the size of the pores in the carbon particles, until they resemble a molecular sponge. Depending upon the pore size, activated carbon can even be processed to be selective, and remove only certain molecules, and leave others. This pore structure causes the removal of molecules by the process of adsorption onto the surface of the carbon particle followed by diffusion into and absorption in the pores. Precipitation is not necessary in this case. However, backwashing alone will not remove the matter that has been absorbed into the pores. It can only be removed by a re-generation process.

Anthracite filter media removes particulate matter from the flow by adsorption also. However this is a surface phenomenon only. Generally, there is no diffusion into the pores, and the adsorbed matter (adsorbate) is easily removed by agitation during backwashing.

Application areas,
Activated carbon filters.
Activated carbon filters in waste water treatment plants.
Activated carbon filters in dm water plants.
Activated carbon powder for addition in aeration tanks in activated sludge process.
Activated carbon pellets.
Activated carbon for forging and foundry industries.
Activated carbon for cast iron polishing.
Activated carbon cloth for air filtration, hepa filters, clean room air filtration, air-conditioning.
Activated carbon for color and odour removal from water