Anionic Polyelectrolytes  
  Principal Use: Our anionic flocculants have found applications in a wide variety of mineral processing operations including the following.
Sugarcane Juice Clarification.
Drinking Water Clarification
Raw water Clarification
Municipal water clarification
Industrial & Mining

Base metal sulphide and oxide concentrates thickening and filtration
Sedimentation of coal tailings.
Sedimentation of coal fines in coal washery
Sedimentation and filtration of metal hydroxides
Sedimentation of fine sands and clays
Tailings dewatering
Brine Clarification
Phosphate slimes thickening.
Dosage depends on application but normally lies in the range 50gm to 200gm per tonne of dry substrate flocculated.

Anionic charge Molecular weight
Nil High
Very low Very low
low Medium
Medium High
Medium Very high
Medium High
Medium High
High Very high
Very high High