Types Of geomembrane offered by us:
Multilayer Film Extrusion with highest output.
Maximum width 7 mtrs up to 2.50 mm.
Textured (one side/both side)
Supplying in Roll form by automatic winder.
In two colored sheets (both side).
Minimum thickness tolerance.
International specification and world class technology.
HDPE/LDPE AND LLDPE film in higher thickness and larger width with highest mechanical properties
A part from these we are also supplier and installer of geotextile (Woven and non woven) geogrid, gabion boxes, geosynthestics clay liner, geonet, green house film.
Uses of geomembrane is environmental, geotechanical, hydraulic and transportation activities are listed below.
• Liners of portable water,
• Liners for reserve water (e.g. Sage shutdown of nuclear facilities),
• Liners for waste liquids,
• Liners for radioactive waste liquid,
• Liners for secondary containment of underground storage tanks,
• Liners for solar ponds,
• Liners for brine solutions,
• Liners for water conveyance canals,
• Liners for waste conveyance,
• Liners for Primary, Secondary and tertiary solid waste landfills,
• Covers (caps) for solid waste landfills,
• Within cut-off walls for seepage control at hazardous waste sites
• Within zoned earth dams for seepage control
• Linings for emergency spillways,
• Waterproofing within Coffer dams for seepage control,
• Floating reservoirs for seepage control,
• Floating covers for preventing pollution,
• To control odors in landfills
• To control vapors cradon, (hydrocarbons etc) beneath buildings,
• To control expansive soils
• To control frost susceptible soils,
• To shield sink hold-susceptible areas from flowing water,
• To prevent infiltration of water in sensitive areas,
• To form barrier tubes as dams,
• To face structural supports as temporary dams,
• To conduct water flow in preferred paths,
• To act containment structures for temporary surcharges,
• To collect surface run off water & rain water,
• To line pipes and chamber,
• To line canal / golf swimming pools,
• To line tannery waste treatment ponds,
• To line acid tanks, floor etc.
• To act as contour bunding.

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