Oli Field Chemicals  
Product Application
Polyacrylate, sodium salt Bentonite extenders
Glutaraldehyde Biocides
Alkylpolyglucosides;Fatty alcohol alkoxylates Cleaning agents
Amine blends,ammonium derivatives,acetylene derivatives Corrosion inhibitors
Fatty alcohol alkoxylates Defoamers
Fatty alcohol alkoxylates Emulsifiers
Polyacrylamide based polymers Flocculants/Clean-up
Sulfonated polymer;Polyacrylamide based polymers Fluid loss additives
Polyacrylate based polymers Lost circulation materials
Polyethylene glycol ester Lubricants
Butanol alkoxylaye
Polyacylamide based polymers
Shale inhibitors
Polyacrylate based polymers Thinners
Polyacrylamide based polymers
Viscosifiers for WBM
Polyacrylate based polymers Viscosifiers for OBM
Sulfosuccinate diester Wetting agents
Metakaolin Cement extenders
Polycarboxylate based super plasticizers
Polycondensate based dispersants
The standard dispersant for oil well cementing
Green dispersant
Tailored blends for a variety of based applications
Fully synthetic polymers for demanding conditions
Fluid loss control additives
Fully synthetic retarder for demanding conditions
Fatty alcohol alkoxylate
Gas blocking additives & others
Methanesulfonic acid Acids
Glutaraldehyde Biocides
Decanol ethoxylates Clean-up agents
Acetylene derivatives Corrosion inhibitors
Alkylpolyglycosides, alkoxylates
Decanol ethoxylates
Foaming agents
Polyacrylamide based polymers Friction reducers
Polyacrylamide based polymers Gelling agents/ Viscosifiers
Alkoxylates Nonemulsifiers
Amine based oligo acetic acids Scale dissolvers/ Inhibitors
Polyacrylamide based polymers Water control polymers
Sulfosuccinate diester Wetting agents
Glutaraldehyde Biocides
Fatty alcohol alkoxylates Cleaning agents
Amine blends, ammonium derivatives, acetylene derivatives Corrosion inhibitors
Fatty alcohol alkoxylates Defoamers
Resin alkoxylates, amine alkoxylates
Polyethyleneimine alkoxylates,
Ethyleneoxide-propyleneoxide block copolymers
Vinylcaprolactam based polymers Gas hydrate inhibitors
H2s scavengers
Modified polycarboxylate
Polyacrylate/Polyvinylester blend
Paraffin inhibitors
Amine badesd oligo acetic acids
Scale dissolvers
High molecular weight charged polymers Water clarifiers (Deoilers)