We take this opportunity to introduce our module OZONATOR for treatment of effluent of industrial waste water,drinking water disinfection,COD reduction,turbidity reduction.

The ozone generator from Aurozon applies the latest and patented technology for ozone generation at elevated pressures and optimal potential gradients. The generator comprises a compact design with an effective ozone generation and a functional ,easy to do operation and maintenance, system.

Ozone is a unique molecule with special properties making it extremely useful in water treatment for a number of reasons:

It has a high oxidizing power, a property that is utilized to degrade or eliminate certain unwanted organic or inorganic substances.

It has excellent bactericidal and virucidal power.

It has high disinfectant power which does not affect the water PH.

It is extremely easy to obtain, as it is produced on-site and requires only oxygen and electrical power.

It produces no hazardous byproduct, but simply decomposes in water to yield harmless oxygen.

  As a result, ozone has a wide variety of potential applications, with ozone generators used in Drinking water plant,STP water disinfection, Iron removal in drinking water, chemical oxidation etc.It can also be used to eliminate odors,a process known as air freshening (e.g. in dressing room,lavatories,cold rooms,oxidation of industrial gas emissions, etc. )
Action in water Chlorine Ozone
Oxidation Potential (Volts) 1.36 2.07
Disinfection Bacterial Viruses Moderate Excellent
Environmentally Friendly No Hazardous to Aquatic Yes, Ecofriendly
Color Removal Good Excellent
Carcinogen Formation Likely Unlikely
Organics Oxidation Moderate High
Micro flocculation None Moderate
pH Effect Variable No change
Water Half-Life 2-3 Hours 20 Min
Operation hazards : Skin Toxicity , Inhalation Toxicity High Low
Sophistication Low High
Capital Cost Low Moderate
Operating Cost Moderate- High Low
Wellness Promotion Bad Good
  From above comparison and properties of Ozone it is more effective , safe & ecofriendly to use   ozone for water treatment.