Polyelectrolyte Dosing System  
  We supply latest and innovative dosing pump for chemical dosing in all chemical industries. We have a large range of dosing pump for different type of chemical dosing.
  Industrial Application:
    • Alum In Raw Water.
    • Polyelectrolytes In Water.
    • Bleaching Powder / Hypochlorite In Raw / Potable / Process Water.
    • Acid / Alkali In Water For Ph Correction.
    • Corrosion And Scale Inhibitor / Bio-Dispersant In Cooling Tower / System.
    • Hydrazine / Sodium Sulphite / Oxygen Scavengers In Boiler Feed Water.
    • Corrosion And Scale Inhibitor In Boiler Feed Water.
    • Liquid Detergents In Dish Washing Machines.
    • Liquid Fertilizers’ In Nursery Farms.
    • Specialty Chemicals / Medicines In Poultry Farms.
    • Blue Dye In Kerosene.
    • Specialty Chemicals In Process.