Polyamine Polylectrolytes  
POLYAMINE is a color removal chemical. It is lower molecular weight organic coagulants. It forms insoluble matter with the coloring matter presents in the waste water especially from that of a textile mills, paints and pigments; intermediates for dyes and chemicals; pharmaceutical wastes; Dairy and milk processing units. It is an in house development, is in response to the current market need.

By processing with POLYAMINE, we can convert industrial effluent into process water.

Polyamine can be used along with alum; or Ferrous sulphate; or zirconius salts. 300 to 500 ppm. of inorganic coagulants like alum etc; need lesser ppm dosage for complete removal of most of the industrial wastes from waste waters and reduce the sludge volume.
The charge carried by the polymer is responsible for the abstraction of dissolved coloring matter from the colored waste water in the colloidal form. It removed from the clarifier in the form of a thick sludge by the sedimentation.