Cooling Tower Water Treatment Chemicals

At Raybon Chemicals, our products include an array of cooling water chemistries and equipment technologies that ensure the reliable operation of cooling water systems and that allow customers to boost their operational efficiencies, to comply with regulatory requirements and to protect their equipment assets. To sum it up, we approach our solutions on three parameters of sustainable development: People, Planet and Profits.


Our innovative monitoring and control technology, comprehensive in-house analytical and laboratory services, safety practices, asset protection and stringent quality control ensure that your team excels at their daily operations and follow safety measures.


At Raybon Chemicals, we optimize chemical usage and mitigate risks by helping our customers reduce the risk of WBPs (water-borne pathogens) in their facilities by implementing cost-effective, proactive processes and make them an inherent part of their current quality assurance programs. Through on-site chemical safety training, we offer you chemical handling solutions that make you energy efficient and compliant with government norms for a sustainable growth.


The reduced costs of water, energy, and effluent ensure more profitability to your company, apart from our ‘Return on Investment’ projects, reduction in total cost of operation and improved operating and production efficiency and extended lifespan of your equipment.