MEE Antiscalants and Antifoam

Multiple Effect Evaporators (MEE) are used for evaporating high TDS and/ or high COD effluents in industrial applications, MEE Plants are installed wherever large volumes of water is required to be evaporated for concentration of salts, these plants are also used for concentrating RO rejects

Scale formation in MEE Plants is a common phenomenon and it hinders the heat transfer process thereby reducing the overall efficiency of the system.

Antiscalants are used to retard scale formation and antifoaming agents are used to retard foaming in MEE Plants , this ensures consistent performance of the MEE Plant and reduces cleaning frequency and condensate quality issues.

Sokalan PM 15 is a Antiscalant for MEE & MED Plants and are widely used in Industries for their outstanding benefits

  • Retards Scale formation
  • Lower dosage rate as compared to other Antiscalants
  • Modifies Scale Morphology and generates easy to clean scales
  • Increases uptime and reduces downtime by increasing operational hours between two cleaning cycles.
  • Gives better throughput by maintaining clean surface
  • Suitable for High temperature operations

SOKALAN AF is Antifoam for MEE & MED Plants.

  • Sokalan AF is a pure organic, silicone free antifoam
  • Gives Excellent Foam Control at Low Dosage
  • Destroys foam & inhibits foam formation
  • Prevents bumping and carryover of COD into condensate