Defoamer for Aeration Tank

Aeration tanks play an important role in sewage and effluent treatment plants. Excessive foaming, resulting in foam overflow and carry over to other areas in the vicinity is a common problem. The causes of excessive foam in an aeration tank are varied. Foam is generally caused by Biological activity, mechanical action, chemical contamination, surfactants in the influent etc.

The foam reduces the oxygenation capacity which will lead to poor quality of water and even cause the system to collapse. Unwanted foaming can be problematic in many commercial, manufacturing and industrial process applications, consequently it requires careful control measures to minimise or eliminate its impact.

We provide foam control agents to help prevent foam formation. It is formulated for aeration tank to suppress foam without inhibition of the biomass and other negative side effects associated with conventional defoamers.

AFRANIL is a biodegradable water based formulation specifically designed for aeration tank applications. It can be used in paper machines operated at very high degrees of closure, and in processes in which there is a high energy input, such as grinding and hot re-pulping, and in the production of chemical pulp.

In Paper Mill Applications, AFRANIL prevents hydrophobic substances from collecting on the surface of the stock due to flotation. It also prevents foam from forming on the surface of the white water in the trays